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Aqualeader Aquarium Corp.Sdn. Bhd. was Incorparated in 1991. Our principal activities include rearing, wholesaling, importing and exporting of aquaculture products. We carry various types of Fresh Water Tropical Fish, Marine Fish, Aquatic Plants and driftwood.

We are operating on our own fish farm with an area of 7,000 square meters. Our fish farm is fully heated and contains 1,400 aquariums. Our rearing department specialises in professional rearing of South American Dwarf Cichlid, West Africa dwarf, Killies Fish, Rare Betta, Malaysia Cross Back Golden Arowana (blue base) and Red Tail Golden Arowana.We are the biggest rearer of in South East Asia. We strive to bring more new and exciting products to the market.

Our core mission is to pursue excellent quality, creativity and pragmatism. We emphasize on good reputation and customer value.We always try our best to fulfill customers' requirement as to a species. All interested enquires are welcome.

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